Manufacturing Pricing Analysis with DoubleBlaze

In today’s ever-changing manufacturing landscape, pricing specialists face unique challenges in maximizing revenue for their products. DoubleBlaze, a leading pricing specialist with a proven track record, can empower you to understand which strategies are working, which ones need adjustment, and which ones require an overhaul. Below, we will discuss how DoubleBlaze can help answer these questions for you and assist you in taking control of your pricing strategies.

Comprehensive Analytics Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturers recognize the importance of data-driven decision-making. DoubleBlaze specializes in providing comprehensive analytics solutions tailored for manufacturers, bridging the gap left by traditional data sources. Our team can empower your business users with advanced analytics capabilities, including competitive price indexes, price comparisons with competitors, customer segment analysis, demographic analysis, rebates, contracts, and other relevant information.

Modern Infrastructure Implementation

Whether you are working with an existing infrastructure or starting from scratch, DoubleBlaze has you covered. Our experts can seamlessly integrate a data pipeline framework, establishing a robust data lake. Utilizing cutting-edge tools like DataBricks and DBT, we create bronze, silver, and gold data transformations, providing you with unparalleled access to insightful data.

Visualizing your data is crucial for making informed decisions. Top-tier reporting platforms like Tableau, PowerBI, and Looker enable a powerful reporting infrastructure that offers clear, actionable insights for your business. We can implement these tools in conjunction with the data pipeline or on their own to provide your analysts with the tools they need to make better decisions.

Track Record of Success

Here are some of the tools we can implement to empower your analytics team as manufacturers:

Advanced Sales Analytics

Leverage modern technologies to unlock the full potential of your sales data.

Tailored implementations allow for in-depth analyses of sales history and competitive price indexes for your products.

Custom analysis options effectively address specific manufacturing challenges.

Customized Infrastructure

Flexibility is key in data management. We can adapt our services to your existing infrastructure and provide cutting-edge data pipeline frameworks when you are looking to revamp your systems.

We transform data into bronze, silver, and gold data levels using tools like DataBricks and DBT for maximum efficiency.

Actionable Insights through Analysis

We help manufacturers establish robust analysis infrastructures using platforms like Tableau, PowerBI, and Looker.

Comprehensive data visualization leads to informed decisions that fuel business growth.

Manufacturing Revenue Analytics Approach

Our approach to manufacturing performance analytics is a step-by-step process that ensures success:

Data Lake Ingestion

The process begins with the establishment of a robust data lake, capturing a comprehensive range of data, including sales figures, forecasts, product prices, discounts, promotions, rebates, credits, and competitive revenue data.

Collaboration with clients is essential for defining specific data points that align with unique analytics needs.

Data Transformation

Meticulous data refinement into more structured formats makes it easier to analyze and extract valuable insights. We transform data into bronze, silver, and gold levels for further analysis.

Advanced Statistics

Integration of advanced statistical techniques, such as product elasticity and variance from forecasts, provides a richer understanding of revenue strategies.

Machine Learning Integration

With a solid framework in place, DoubleBlaze introduces machine learning techniques to uncover hidden patterns and further optimize revenue strategies.


In the competitive world of manufacturing, DoubleBlaze stands as a trusted partner in revolutionizing pricing and revenue strategies. Our comprehensive analytics solutions, modern infrastructure implementation, and robust reporting infrastructure have consistently delivered actionable insights and unprecedented success for manufacturers. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your manufacturing business to new heights—connect with DoubleBlaze today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success in the realm of pricing strategies and revenue optimization.

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