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DoubleBlaze consulting is hiring

  • Working in Double Blaze

    • We work with global clients
    • Our projects make significant positive impacts on our client’s business
    • As a part of a small, but growing company, you have much broader responsibilities
  • Who we are looking for

    • Lifelong learning should be a passion
    • Collaboration with the team should be second nature
    • Picking up new skills quickly is critical
    • Taking ownership for the quality of your work is expected
    • Seeking ways to add value to the client and the practice is vital

Roles at DoubleBlaze

  • Solution Architects

    Work with the client to define the business objectives. Develop solutions to maximize the value delivered and the odds of success for the project.
  • Project Manager

    Focused on keeping the project on course. Helping the team work together efficiently. Keeping up with the details of the project design and business case so that you can keep the team focused on the right activities.
  • Business Analyst

    Need to have enough technical knowledge to craft business requirements/stories that are feasible to deliver. Familiar enough with the applications to test and demo new functions. Enough business acumen to question requirements that are insufficient or that don’t align with the business case.
  • Technical Analyst

    Understands how the underlying technical architecture can be designed to support the needs of the business. A solid set of skills to design and build integration between systems. Enough of a development background to help guide the application development team when performance or security issues are anticipated.