Ryan Kinzy

Listen First. Then Talk

Ryan starts his conversations with big questions like "how can we deliver value?" then drills down to specifics like, "where do you think you are leaking the most profit in your pricing process?" or "what is the biggest bottleneck in delivering prices?" "Good questions and careful listening are the best tools I have," says Ryan, "to help customers fix their pricing process, stop leaking profit, and prepare for growth through more advanced optimization and analysis." With this "listen first" approach, Ryan has earned the trust of major clients like Lenovo, Guess, AMD, Allegheny Ludlum, and Chrysler. Clients rely on Ryan's deep experience in pricing and ecommerce: as a product manager at JDA, as the principal of a pricing software development company, and as a consultant with DoubleBlaze. His twenty-five years as a professional pave the way to smart solutions that deliver value for DoubleBlaze clients.
"Building global systems is no simple task. We have to analyze, innovate, and create. Innovation takes imagination -- the ability to envision solutions that map to specific business problems, and whose logic is sound when we unveil it to the business. I love the blend of logic and creativity. Outside of work, I've written three children's SciFi books for young adults. I tried to spur the imagination of young children and hope it will encourage them in science and technology. SciFi needs imagination, for sure, but if it's going to be good, the logic has to hold."

"As a DoubleBlaze partner," says Ryan, "my job is to help clients solve business problems. We are experts in pricing and eCommerce implementation, but our clients aren't hiring us to improve their software -- they're hiring us to improve their profitability."

Ron Boling

Finish What We Start. Solve Hard Problems

"In the last thirty years, I've seen a revolution in enterprise process design," says Ron, "I've seen exponential increases in complexity -- in what consumers want, and in what businesses have to provide. I'm proud that I've stayed at the leading edge of new practices in eCommerce and pricing. But to be honest, I'm more proud that I've learned how to build teams of technical and business professionals who are committed to solving hard problems for our clients."

In the first half of his career, Ron was a re-engineering expert and manager at Accenture, then director of professional services at Agilisys (now Infor), a global supply chain software company. Ron has served as a senior consultant to global corporations including Glaxo, GE, Delta, and Valvoline. A trusted advisor, he is known for his thoroughness and transparency.

"You can call it motherhood and apple pie," says Ron, "but the truth is that I feel good when I help other people succeed. I like contributing to my community, which -- to my mind -- includes my clients as well as my neighbors and friends. I'm deeply satisfied when clients tell me that my work has transformed their business for the better."

"Our work isn't done until everything works," says Ron. "Our clients have complex integrations across multiple platforms with hundreds of processes, products, and customers."

"When our clients have full command of a working solution that delivers business results -- that's when we get to say we finished the job and did it right."

Kevin Harper

Big Projects Need Tight Focus.

"In the early days of eCommerce, everyone was hopeful, and everyone was wrong," says Kevin. "But we quickly learned that eCommerce is exponentially more complicated at enterprise scale." "If I've learned one big lesson since the late 90's, it's this: enterprise-level projects need tight focus, or they become enterprise-level disasters. Without tight focus, smart, hard-working people build big systems whose pieces don't fit, and whose owners don't profit." "Relentless focus is the key," Kevin adds, "to building technical solutions that meet our clients' business goals." Kevin's commitment to focus has earned the respect of clients like Halliburton, Lenovo, Canada Pacific, and Chevron, as a program manager with IBM and i2 (now jda), and now as a partner at DoubleBlaze.
Kevin lives in Colorado where he spends much of his free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains. "There's a zen in hiking a mountain at 15,000 feet," he says. "At every moment, I have to respect the height of a mountain that reaches nearly 3 miles into the sky. In the same moment, I have to focus on each human-sized step on a rocky trail, one step at a time. The parallels between my hiking and my work surprised me at first, but now I just enjoy them.

"My team once launched a major eCommerce site on the Sunday before Black Friday," Kevin recalls. "It was no easy trick, but we did it. The client's revenue doubled on the same number of customers. Our gray hairs doubled, too."

"I constantly stress that you've got to get your pricing right. Along with speed comes the necessity to be 100% accurate."