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At DoubleBlaze, we focus on pricing excellence. As product lines and services expand, pricing complexity quickly escalates outgrowing manual processes and basic analysis to the point you need something better. Here, we discuss why pricing excellence is important, how to determine if you have an opportunity, how you utilize tools to capitalize on the opportunity, and how you instill a culture of pricing excellence.

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    Topic 1: Why Is Pricing Excellence Important?

    One of our customers eloquently said “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.”  She was talking about pricing.  She had inherited a pricing process from a former colleague that had…

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    Topic 2: Do you have a pricing opportunity?

    When we engage with retail prospects for our services, the first thing I usually ask is, “Are you setting prices in a spreadsheet?”  If the answer is yes, likely you…

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    Topic 3: How do you get a pricing project started?

    If you’ve done your homework and are confident you have a pricing opportunity, it’s time to start thinking about a project.  Depending on what you’re doing, the project could be…

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    Topic 4: How do you implement a pricing service?

    In our consulting practice, we speak to many different retailers about their pricing needs.  Recently, the requests we have fielded are trending towards what I would term a centralized pricing…

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Now that you have browsed the content, do you think you have a pricing opportunity? We have more content available that drills into more detail about how we deploy these projects. We can also work with you to determine what the size of the opportunity is.