BlueYonder Retail Solutions

At DoubleBlaze, our BlueYonder consultants started out deploying their pricing solutions over 12 years ago and are the BlueYonder premier partner for implementing their pricing solutions. We frequently work with retailers to help solve pricing problems, offering advice, building case studies, and architecting the best path forward. While retail price optimization and price list management software are strong suits in our practice, we also focus on their other solutions for retailers including demand planning, category management, and warehouse management.

BlueYonder Demand Planning

BlueYonder (formerly JDA) Demand Planning is a solid tool for managing retail forecasts. BlueYonder has two flavors of demand planning currently, the traditional planning tool based on their Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (SCPO) platform and the newer Luminate tools based on machine learning. A little bit of history is that a few years ago, JDA recognized they were falling behind in the use of machine learning tools so they acquired a small company out of Germany called BlueYonder that was strong in machine learning. They liked the name so much they adopted it for themselves and are now known as BlueYonder. The legacy BlueYonder company from Germany had a long history in machine learning which allowed JDA to leap forward in their use of the technology. At DoubleBlaze, we service both the traditional BlueYonder Demand & Fulfill as well as Luminate Demand Edge.

Category Management Consulting

The BlueYonder Category Management platform that we in the community call Cat Man handles all category management functions including space planning, planograms, and assortment optimization. The solution allows you to deliver better assortments, create better floor plans and planograms, and ensure you have the right products at the right stores in the right place to increase your margins. The system also helps maximize inventory and reduce carrying costs. At DoubleBlaze, we help retailers and CPG customers with new implementations, train employees on the solution, and update or enhance their current implementation.

BlueYonder Warehouse Management

The BlueYonder Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the third pillar in our extended BlueYonder retail planning focus. The BlueYonder solution handles the base use cases such as picking, packing, shipping, receiving, etc. as do most of the solutions on the market today. But it also handles more complex use cases such as slotting, yard management, and real time inbound/outbound processing. As with the other solutions, DoubleBlaze can handle new implementations, go lives, or enhancements.

New Projects or Enhancements

Whether you are starting a new project or need simple enhancements, our BlueYonder consultants can help. We can provide turnkey implementation services or staff augmentation with project managers, solution architects, functional and technical consultants. Schedule a meeting with us if you have an opportunity.

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