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For more details on implementing JDA pricing solutions or how we solve the challenges discussed above, contact Ryan Kinzy

For more details on implementing JDA pricing solutions or how we solve the challenges discussed above, contact Ryan Kinzy

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DoubleBlaze is JDA’s Premier Pricing Expert

  • JDA turns to DoubleBlaze as premier pricing experts to help their customers maximize their potential with their pricing opportunity
  • DoubleBlaze works with JDA from start to finish to define the value during the sales cycle, a realistic implementation plan, and deployment of the solution

Retail Challenges

Retailers today face many of these challenges:

  • Pricing errors. Many retailers have evolved a complex process for creating prices with host merchandising, spreadsheets, off-line analysis, and more to generate prices.  This leads to pricing errors that bleed profit, confuse customers, and frustrate employees.
  • Pricing efficiency. Pricing data is often coupled with complicated distribution processes that require too much time from employees to execute and long wait times that slow your reaction time to critical pricing errors or competitive threats.
  • New channels.  New channels and competitors are emerging online that require different pricing and branding strategies to compete.
  • Maximizing profit on inventory. Merchandisers often struggle closing out inventory on seasonal or end of life products and maximizing revenue at the same time.  Pricing is a key lever for achieving maximum value.

Working with JDA

The descriptions above are only some of the challenges JDA customers face that better pricing can address.  JDA turns to DoubleBlaze to unlock this potential and we work closely with JDA across all aspects of the cycle as these quotes can attest to:

  • “DoubleBlaze has the right expertise to compliment our sales people and deliver value to our customers,” Terry Turner, EVP of JDA Retail
  • “With their deep domain knowledge and real world expertise, DoubleBlaze brings our pricing tools to life!  Customers want to use pricing as a competitive advantage; JDA has the tools, DoubleBlaze has the know-how.” Keith Adams, VP of Sales – Retail
  • “DoubleBlaze helps sales cycles explaining the value of pricing based on real world examples across the spectrum and how JDA can deliver that value.” John Marron, Sales Consultant
  • “DoubleBlaze works seamlessly with our cloud team to get projects up and running quickly and lay the foundation for ongoing operations.” Joe Stone, Group Vice President – Cloud Services
  • “DoubleBlaze has played a significant role in working closely with our customers for many years, successfully identifying and defining product requirements as well as testing the new functionality.” Tommi Malmivouri, Product Manager JDA Pricer

Matching Solutions to Retail Needs

Here are just a few of the effective and innovative approaches how DoubleBlaze helps JDA customers with their pricing issues:

  • My pricing process has outgrown the capabilities of my host merchandising system.  I have spreadsheets all over the place to plug the holes.
    DoubleBlaze works with retailers to automate the process using JDA Pricer which augments MMS,  PMM, or any other host merchandising system to provide a platform for growth.
  • I have to sell in stores, online, and through eTailers and there are different systems for each of those.  I can’t keep it all straight.
    For omni-channel, DoubleBlaze typically implements JDA Pricer allowing retailers to manage all prices in a single solution.  Then, prices can be distributed through files to a POS or real-time using APIs to the eCommerce system.
  • I know I need to do something in pricing but I don’t know where to start.
    DoubleBlaze can help you determine where the right place is to start by analyzing your process and figuring out where the opportunity is.  If you have a good foundation, we can skip straight to optimization. If you have more foundational challenges we can direct you towards a solid execution platform.
  • I have a good foundation for execution and now I need to take pricing to the next level.
    If you have solved blocking and tackling with price execution, the next step is analysis and optimization.  We work with customers to put in JDA Demand Edge Pricing (formerly known as Blue Yonder), JDA Strategic Pricing, and JDA Promotions Management.

What makes the JDA pricing products unique are that they cover the full life cycle of pricing from analysis, optimization, to execution at the scale retailers need. We can confidently endorse JDA’s pricing products knowing they can handle virtually any pricing problem.Ryan Kinzy, Partner DoubleBlaze Consulting